Seasoned Pine Mulch (SPM)

Seasoned Pine is Hermanns own “shredded pine mulch”, made from freshly ground pine bark. It is reddish brown in color, aging to dark brown/black.

Having a pine fresh fragrant aroma, it continues to be the most popular ground cover mulch for residential applications. The horticultural benefits include holding moisture, soil conditioning and proven weed control. Seasoned Pine Mulch is a stock item available for bulk pick-up, delivery or installation by Blower Truck.

Product Appearance:

Reddish brown in colour, aging to dark brown/black.

Product Benefits:

  • Acidic pH helps condition soil
  • Decomposing pine enhances sub-soil
  • Enhances moisture retention
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Produced from clean forestry by-products